Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First Post.

Hey All,
Well this is my first post...... I have many stories to share with the world, most of which are terrible and if you knew me in person you would either want to punch me in the face or slap me...... I understand.  I just hope that my semi-fucked up life will let others live vicariously through me.
To quote one of my favorite authors and fellow blogger......

I am an asshole.

Many of my female friends argue "no you're not" with a quick hug, and most of my male friends just laugh....... but yes I am an asshole.

I feel that I should give a brief intro into who (well not who), but how I believe how I came to be.
In typing that....... I think that I should probably see a shrink or something.  But I have no money, and thus the public will continue to be plagued by me.
These series of posts (I hope to regularly post with my ons goings, however I do get very lazy and forgetful) will tell of my many messed up stories with my friends, and what I've done in the past and present to make me equate to a douchebag/asshole.

Its now 4am where I'm from, and I've consumed a bottle of red wine so I will close now, lets just hope that I remember about this blog, and continue to write an online journal about my experiences.......